Invitely Design provides you with a simple and cost-effective way to manage your construction project design files and documents. We simplify your daily tasks and processes so you can focus on delivering designs.

The Benefits of Invitely Design

Save Time!

Stop managing Outlook contact lists, sending manual reminders and trying to track email responses. Invitely DESIGN automates this for you.

Reduce Errors

Automatic change notifications ensure that everyone involved is made aware of document and project updates.

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Regain Control

You control who makes changes and what changes can be made. Stay organized with Invitely DESIGN.

Save Money

With Invitely you only pay for what you use. Access for your users is unlimited and free.

Key Features

Document Management

Go beyond FTP and discover how Invitely DESIGN shatters its limitations with simple but powerful project document management and collaboration tools:

  • No setup time. You don't have to install any applications on your computer to get started
  • Upload and download multiple project files at a time, or an entire folder tree
  • Maintain multiple document revisions
  • Quickly move files around with familiar cut and paste tools, even between projects
  • Control users' access permission to folders through the document manager
  • Define folder templates and restrict folder tree modifications
  • Integrated viewer capabilities for viewing PDF's, TIFF's, DWG's, DWF's and many other file formats

Document Distribution

Construction project document workflow doesn't end with design and secure online storage – documents need to be easily accessible to users. Invitely DESIGN efficiently completes the cycle:

  • Simple drag and drop process for custom file package setup, even simpler to distribute them by email
  • Automatically track recipients as they download the project files
  • Exchange files with users, with automatic notification of new uploads
  • Monitor who views, downloads, or modifies your files
  • Automated notification to users of changes to files relevant to their projects
  • Where online meets paper – manage distribution of physical prints and project packages to your users

Complete Control

Maintain full control of your construction project documentation and resources, regardless of the project scope and the number of collaborators – Invitely DESIGN is the ultimate control freak!

  • Multiple user permission levels and defaults – flexible and powerful, but simple to use
  • Define user classes to quickly and easily apply permissions at both the user and group level
  • Add users to groups for simple maintenance
  • Easily update permissions as projects move through the various stages of the construction management process
  • Predefine directory structures that can be either fixed or flexible for future use