Invitely Design provides you with a simple and cost-effective way to manage construction project design files and documents and share information and resources with project stakeholders.

The Benefits of Invitely Design

Save Time!

Stop managing Outlook contact lists, sending manual reminders and trying to track email responses. Invitely DESIGN automates this for you.

Reduce Errors

Automatic change notifications ensure that everyone involved is made aware of document and project updates.

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Regain Control

You control who makes changes and what changes can be made. Stay organized with Invitely DESIGN.

Streamline Processes

Easily and seamlessly transition your project from one stage to the next.

Key Features

Document Management

Efficient and powerful construction project document management and collaboration tools from Invitely DESIGN:

  • No software or applications to install
  • Transfer multiple project files at a time, including complete folder trees
  • Manage multiple document revisions
  • Flexible management and updating of users' access permissions to documents and folders
  • Online viewing of documents in a variety of industry standard formats

Document and Information Distribution Tools

Quick, seamless and reliable construction project document distribution is vital to job success and profitability - Invitely DESIGN ensures that this happens.

  • Quick and easy-to-use project document transfer tools, even among different projects
  • Document controls that are as open and flexible or as restricted as your processes dictate
  • Distribute files and folders with little more than an email address
  • Track user and document access activity from start to finish
  • Logically group users for easy selection and targeted communications
  • Restrict project and folder access at both a user and group level
  • Automatic user notifications of project and document changes
  • Simple convenient online submission for document print orders

Project Life Cycle Management

Construction projects are dynamic and ever-evolving; Invitely DESIGN supports project progress from the design right through to the build stage, every step of the way.

  • Project life cycle integration: seamlessly prepare your projects for tendering, easily moving them to and from Invitely PRIME
  • Easily change project and document user access as you transition from one phase to the next
  • Painlessly re-organize and migrate project documents